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About Us:


Who we are is you, your neighbor and the stranger in another town that is like you.  Someone with a limp and a parched soul looking for a place to rest, even for a short moment, on their way to another place and another time.  Hoping so much that even one would look them in the eye, and say that they were glad to have stumbled across you, on their way someplace else. 


We are a community of the ones that stopped the fight and choose to look for the road less traveled.  We, this community, is like an army medical field hospital, and some of the residents are holding other people’s IV and talking at their bedside.  What is expedient is now the demand on our time.


We are healing, at least finally stopping the current battle.  Time does not heal all wounds, but it gives you time to learn to use the crutches.  We are like a Civil War photo I saw that was taken in 1885, at a reunion of the survivors, in this small town in Missouri.  In the picture 80% had amputations.  A leg or an arm were gone, but the crutch was there.  That is this community.  A place that is not about which side you were on but is where some healing can begin.  For some it will be new.  For others that have been here a while, well we know some things about the journey, and one of them is how to listen. 


We are a welcoming community.  We expect it to stay that way.  If you need some direction or a sounding board, there is that.  More help than that can be requested, and with an understanding of urgency it can be given.  There are many resources here in many forms.  YouTube links, Music, Books, Forums, and writings.  Some of my own and some of yours.


This is a “we” thing that is about You.  You learning to walk without fear and with Hope.  Welcome to the journey.  We have built in places to rest, utilize them when you need to.  This is a long trek not a sprint.  We have time.  Welcome to this place. 


While it is Christian in foundation, it is not a religious site.  We ask that you respect the site and the people that come here.  Be free to wander about and be curious.  It is a sign of healing.

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